Body Mass Index (BMI)

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Body Mass Index (BMIis a basic estimate of body fat using height and weight. This is only a rough value. If you have a high BMI, it can be predicted that. The person measured has a high level of body fat and may be at higher risk of serious illnesses. Such as heart disease and high blood pressure. High blood or diabetes. But if the BMI is too low may be at risk for bone loss or decrease immune system function Including anemia as well.

BMI is used as an indicator of the amount of fat in the body. Which is consider a preliminary screening. If it is found that the patient has a high BMI. ทางเข้า ufabet  The doctor will order additional tests. Such as skinfold thickness measurement and may take a history about the food eat exercise. Family history or other matters necessary for disease diagnosis

Body Mass Index screening is usually used for adults 20 years of age and older. BMI is used for those under 20 years of age for initial screening. If diagnosing a disease or disorder, percentile values ​​for children must be used as well. So you will get reliable results. But there are still limitations for certain groups of people. Such as athletes and people with body full of muscles. or the elderly and those who have lost muscle mass. Because among these people. The obtained BMI cannot indicate the amount of fat stored in various parts of the body. Or other health risks and must take other factors into consideration as well.