Godin receives coach Velez calling to join.

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Diego Godin is evaluating whether he will continue his career at Atletico Mineiro or move to Velez Sarsfield. At the insistence of his compatriot.

Uruguay centre-back Diego Godin the 36 year old admits that Velez Sarsfield’s Alexandre Medina. Or Casique have phoned him to join the Argentine football club. Report from ‘Derio As’ on Monday. 

Godin a former Villarreal, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan and Cagliari defender. Returned to South America to join Atletico Mineiro in January on a contract 1 year. Before leading the agency to win the latest season of the Coffee City League. Before being linked with Velez Sarsfield. Who had Gazike in charge and called the 36-year-old defender himself.

‘At the moment I can’t guarantee anything. I can’t tell you if I will go or stay. I’m evaluating the situation When it’s public and everyone knows Gazike called me, it’s a public fact and I confirm here, I spoke to him. UFABET I have a very good relationship.’

Godin is contracted to Atletico Mineiro until December 2022. He will be free when the deal expires, and Gazike has made clear his intention to bring the 36-year-old defender to the US. Lace Sarsfield 

‘What I’ve done in the last two years of my career has been to put the national team above all else. When I went to Cagliari, I left Inter, I knew I was leaving. wonderful I’m fighting for the championship.’

‘When I left Cagliari, I also left Europe. Which is a comfort I have and my family with. Waste the money and if now I need to make a change because it’s personal best to think about the sport to get into the national team and go to the World Cup I will,’ said Godin.