Sven Botman insists on negotiating with Milan.

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Sven Botman has personally confirmed that. Agents are in talks with AC Milan and hopes the matter can be completed soon.

The 22-year-old defensive line has in the news for a year. Especially during the January market. When it was reported that clubs from England and Italy try to negotiate with Lille to release the defender but was unsuccessful.

Recently, ESPN Netherlands inquired about transferring the team to Botsman. Which has confirm that agents are negotiating the matter. UFABET And personally wish to get it done asap.

“Dealing with AC Milan? We are working on that part. It is difficult for me to stay away from many. what is happening now I hear stories like this almost every day.” Sven Botman said.

“A lot of things are in the process of working. And I hope there will be more clarity before pre-season.”

Newcastle is a club that has been trying to contact the Netherlands to dominate in the winter. Including this market. But from the latest reports, it seems that the players are more bias towards AC Milan.

Style of play.

Botman has an old-fashion defensive style of play with a strong focus on defensive games. His passes are limit to short distances.

We’ve often see the 21-year-old kick the attacking line-up only. When the opposing team has launch a high-pressure attack, and if there’s a gap. The Botman will try to find creative opportunities on his own.