Fashionable braces, a danger that comes with beauty

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Fashionable braces: If we talk about orthodontics, many people are probably familiar with it. Some people may think that it is a fashion issue. Because it is very popular among teenagers. and advanced dental technology Makes orthodontic treatment easier can choose color Choose from a variety of orthodontic styles.

With fashion values ​​being very strong, there are many people who do not need braces but want to do so, want to be beautiful, and keep up with the times. So I tried to find a place to get cheap, fashion braces. This may not be a standard dental clinic or medical facility. And it’s not done by a dentist. Did you know that Fashionable braces that we consider beautiful If not up to standard How bad will it bring?

Dangers of fashion braces

People who provide fashion braces are usually people who have no knowledge of dentistry. They may not prepare the oral cavity for the service recipient before getting braces, such as not filling decayed teeth, scaling off tartar, etc. and the orthodontic equipment or materials used may not be clean, not of good quality, or not properly sterilized, ทางเข้า ufabet. These factors can cause oral health problems as follows:

Allergic reactions: The materials used in fashion braces may not be of good quality and may be contaminated with chemicals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, or cadmium, etc. When such substances accumulate in the body in large quantities, they may trigger allergic reactions.

Inflammation and infection Unclean and unsterilized equipment may put you at risk of contracting various diseases such as hepatitis and tuberculosis, etc. Food scraps and plaque that accumulate around the orthodontic materials can cause tooth decay, infection, and disease. Gingivitis or bad breath can occur.

Damaged teeth or gums Equipment that is not up to standard may cut or press on the cheeks and gums, causing ulcers or chronic wounds that are at risk of oral cancer. As for adjusting the wires inside the mouth by people without knowledge, it may put too much pressure on the teeth, causing severe tooth pain. Teeth moved into the wrong position Teeth die until they turn dark. Or it may be so severe that the root of the tooth dissolves and the tooth must be extracted .

Other dangers due to fashionable braces are the misuse of various materials. Or it is the use of non-standard materials for braces. Moreover, the service provider is a person who has no dental knowledge. This may cause the braces to fall into the throat or windpipe. which is life-threatening