Is acne injection good? Who is it suitable for?

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Inflamed acne, elephant’s head, just one blemish becomes a big problem for many of you. People who have to worry every time big pimples come. What everyone wants is What can I do to make those pimples disappear quickly? It was large, red and red, extremely painful. Walking around I didn’t dare show my beautiful face. I lost a lot of confidence. Is it a good idea to get an acne injection to get rid of the acne?

Acne treatment by injections Or what we often call acne injection is a treatment that many people with acne like. The reason is that acne disappears quickly. But many times disappointed when go to the clinic and the doctor doesn’t agree with me and recommends another method. UFABET we have detailed information to share with you.

Acne injection: The medicine used to treat inflamed acne is a steroid, which has the ability to reduce inflammation. The most common steroid used for injection is triamcinolone. (Triamcinolone) by injection, must be careful about the monthly amount of drug injected in each patient. To prevent side effects that will occur (Generally, doctors use very low doses.)

What types of acne can be treated with acne injections?

Acne that can occur on our face includes comedones, blackheads. Comedones, whiteheads, and inflammatory acne, but the acne that doctors often recommend to treat with acne injections is cystic acne, which is acne that is severe and can cause a lot of damage to our faces. The characteristics of elephant head acne, friends, can be observed as follows.

  • It is large and lies deep under the skin.
  • When touched it is sometimes painful. Sometimes I feel softness inside.
  • It contains pus.
  • The skin on top is often red. Similar to a scald with hot water
  • At first, the pimple head will not appear at the top. It takes several weeks for a pimple to become visible. 

Compare the advantages and disadvantages

Advantages:  Acne disappears quickly. Helps reduce taking medicine and reduces the chance of scarring.
Disadvantages:  Pain from injection. There may be complications in some cases, such as dimpled skin, which is only temporary. or permanently depending on the amount of drug injected And there is a chance of an allergic reaction to the drug.

In what cases should it be used

Acne injections are not the first line of treatment for acne. But it is an additional treatment. This means that medical specialists will only consider using the product in cases such as:
– It is necessary to have an important event such as a wedding, graduation ceremony, or a celebrity who needs to use their face for a scene
– Have 1-2 large inflamed pimples but don’t want to take medicine. or unable to take medicine And I don’t get acne often.

Are there any contraindications: Do not inject in case of allergic reaction to the drug. which is found but very little

It can be seen that injections to treat acne have both advantages and disadvantages that you must be aware of. This method is to take care of the problem at the root cause, so friends should take care of your health. Avoid various factors that causes acne And if you still have acne problems, you should consult a doctor for correct and appropriate care.