Southgate admits to Jamal Musiala.

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Gareth Southgate has admitted he regrets Jamal Musiala after the 19-year-old chose to play for Germany over England.

England manager Gareth Southgate admits it is unfortunate that 19-year-old Bayern Munich midfielder Jamal Musiala chose to play football for Germany over England. from the U-15 Until the Under-21s, before the Lions’ Roar will visit City of Beer in the Nations League on Tuesday, according to the Express on Monday. 

‘We definitely want him to stay,’ admits Southgate, ‘but when you train at Bayern Munich every day and you’re surrounded by German players, it’s a great idea. It will become more challenging. UFABET Of course, his family had a strong bond. (with Germany)’

‘We enjoyed working with him in our youth team. And we know he’s a good player, yes, we would definitely like him. But now we have a lot of these situations where players can play for different countries. Sometimes your heart will lead you somewhere else. And we fully respect that.’

‘It’s nice to see him doing well. Met him at 13 years old. I’m really pleased with him. Tomorrow I don’t care (jokingly) but in general I’m delighted to see him doing well,’ said the Roaring Lions manager.

Style of play.

Musiala is right-footed and tends to attack opponents from the left position and cut to the side. In order to score goals with powerful shooting skills.