France-Croatia 1-1 in the UEFA Nations League.

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France lost at home in the first leg. Still unable to win a win after being drawn by Croatia 1-1 in the UEFA Nations League on Monday.

The Croatian hosts have Luka Modric and Mateo Kovacic leading the midfield. While France have been injured in recent football games. Many of whom have to adjust the offensive line to send Wissam Ben Jedder to play alongside Chris. Topher Nkunku 

Started the game in the 18th minute. Croatia had a chance when Kovacic flowed the ball for Ante Budimir to shoot from the left in the left-hand box. But stick to the safe of Mike Mennon. UFABET The gatekeeper of the chicken seal. 

Then the two teams did not find much opportunity for each other. With France having a chance to win in the 39th minute from the moment. That Moussa Diaby fell into a narrow angle shot. But was saved by Dominic Livakovic, the goalkeeper of Croatia. 

A minute later, Kai Trak took an opportunity from the distance of Aurelian Chouameni, who entered the frame but did not pass the hand of Livakovic, finishing the first half with a score of 0-0. 

In the second half of the 52nd minute.

France took the lead 1-0 in a beautiful stroke on the left side of Adrien Rabiot, who deposited the ball with Wissam Ben Jedder before running through the penalty area to receive. The ball then shoots with the left through Dominic Livakovic’s hand. 

Croatia should have equalized in the 70th minute when Luka Modric got the ball in front of the penalty area before locking in to the left and shooting from distance. The ball curve was in the corner, but Mike Mennon, a super save, narrowly brushed it off.

At the end of the game. In the 83rd minute. Croatia came to get a penalty when the substitute Andrey Kramaric was fouled by French footballer Shonatan Gross. Before it was Kramaric, responsible for killing, did not miss, changing the score to 1-1.

France almost led again in the 88th minute when substitute Antoine Griezmann dropped solo and touched the ball away from Dominic Livakovic, who came out in front of the penalty area and heavyweights. But the timing of the shot broke the ankle too much The ball went beyond the door.

Then at the end of the game, neither side can score more goals, causing a draw 1-1, splitting each team with a point. And made them not win both in the first 2 games of the UEFA Nations League.